Q-Park Musgrove Park Hospital

Parkfield Drive, Taunton

Q-Park Musgrove Park Hospital is located in Parkfield Drive, Taunton, has 34 reviews and review summary 3.1/5. You can contact us : 0113 238 4200


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Reviews (34)

3.1 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Graham Millard
    Graham MillardMay 2019

    Visited Musgrove Hospital with my wife who appeared to have kidney infection. She had great difficulty in alighting from the car. We were approached by an attendant Gary who saw the problems my wife was having and asked her to stay in the car he then brought a wheelchair to us and took my wife and I through to A&E.This I found to be an exceptionally thoughtful and generous act of kindness and one which is seldom found in this day and age. Many thanks Gary for your help and also for asking about her progress 👍

  • Rebecca John
    Rebecca JohnMay 2019

    I broke down at the exit barrier in the multi story and a very lovely Gary helped me in to a space and kept me calm in a time off stress and made sure I was okay throughout the five hours I was waiting for the AA to arrive! Then when they still hadn't arrived and I got a lift home, Gary and Dave made sure when they did finally arrive at 9pm my key was passed over. Absolutely amazing service, I was lucky they were there to help.

  • kaya-anne cully
    kaya-anne cullyMay 2019

    I’d like to say a great big thank you to Garry and his colleague for coming to our rescue when my breathless husband collapsed, walking from the car park to A&E. They popped him in a wheelchair and Gary wheeled him into A&E in no time. Throughout that day and on subsequent visits, Gary and his colleague were very kind & helpful and it is for these reasons alone that I am leaving a 5 star review.

  • Richard
    RichardMay 2019

    Absolutely daylight robbery. I felt like I’d just been mugged paying that price to park. Even the parking in Taunton town centre is not that mush. I thought my bankcard was going to have a heart attack and I would have to take it to A&E which would of course caused my Credit card to have a meltdown which in turn would then resulted in me having to sell my car to pay the bloody bill. Ha ha problem solved no car anymore.

  • Sez Kirk
    Sez KirkMay 2019

    The only reason I'm giving this a 4 star review is due to the help from Graham in the car park. I'm disabled and after having returned to my car after a procedure in the same day emergency care unit, I found that my purse was missing. (A 9am appt only to be seen at 10.50 so day was already going from bad to worse) It was a fair distance to the car park from the clinic I attended so was in alot of pain not to mention the heat on that day. I approached a parking attendant and explained the situation, he told me I'd now have to walk to the finance office back in the hospital and complete a form. I explained I couldn't go any further at that time until I'd rested, to which I got no response. A very nice young lady could see I was struggling and in pain as I returned to my vehicle and asked if I needed any help at all. As she helped me to my car I explained what had happened and she so kindly offered to pay the ticket for me. I declined her kind offer stating I could resolve it by filling a form in back at the hospital but I needed to rest before heading out again. The lady stated she would wait with me until I was ready and then come back to the hospital with me to make sure I was ok. Lovely to know there are some really genuine people out there..... Thank you, it meant alot. Whilst we sat just chatting we got back on to the topic of payment and she wondered if I could make payment using my phone saving the journey back to the hospital. I said I didn't have a pay facility on my phone but could ring payment thru or do a bank transfer if that was an option. "Or you could bank transfer me and I will pay it on my card if that suits you" the lady stated. I was happy to do this, so after a further few minutes of resting and rehydrating myself we both returned to the pay machine. It didn't seem obvious of making any sort of phone call to resolve the situation so she pressed the help button for assistance. I was now informed that the payment would be £11.70 ... I couldn't believe the cost, absolutely extortionate for a mornings parking. I transferred £12 to the lady and she made payment for me on her card. She returned with me to my vehicle and wished me well, I couldn't thank her enough. I got myself settled in the car, turned on the engine only to find I had a dead battery .... It really wasn't my day. Within a few minutes a parking attendant appeared and I managed to call him over. He was friendly and stated not a problem that someone would be over soon to help out. About 10 minutes later a very jovial Graham turned up with a battery starter pack and within minutes had got the car going again. I thanked him and finally believed I was on my way. Then I get to the barrier, put my ticket in only to be told a further £1.80 is now due to be paid ........ Seriously!!!! Had Graham not been so happy and light hearted with the battery restart I think at this stage I'd have finally just sat at the barrier and had a complete melt down. So my 4 stars go to him for not only helping to get the car going but for destressing me enough to be able to handle yet another issue only moments later!!!

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